Voorwood A2515 Double-End Tenoner

A2515 Double-End Tenoner
Voorwood A2515 Double-End Tenoner

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  • Accommodates up to 4 shaping and sanding stations

  • Configured with automatic pop-up dogs that pull parts into the machine, sizing and squaring parts of any length

  • Automatic feeder (option)

The A2515 Double-End Tenoner automatically makes all necessary adjustments for each profile setup. All spindles are set up to rotate with or against the direction of feed with a jump feature on the first station. The sanding stations have reversing spindles on either side. The stations can be horizontally locked for straight shape/sand or CNC controlled to shape/sand pre-programmed contours (arches).



Voorwood designs and manufactures innovative, high-quality, precision-made woodworking machinery which includes double-end tenoners, single-end tenoners, shaper sanders, miter machines, stile, and rail shapers, cope shapers, and miter lock shaper. Voorwood hardwood woodworking machinery can be used in the manufacture of kitchen cabinets, furniture, solid-surface, and specialty wood industries. Voorwood hardwood machines are used to shape and sand profiles for raised panels, outside edges, coping, miter, and stile and rails. Capable of CNC (Arch) contouring during the pass-through process. Voorwood engineering customizes the woodworking machinery to meet your process requirements.

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