FANUC Controller Systems

FANUC CNC Controller Systems
FANUC CNC Controller Systems FANUC CNC Controller Systems FANUC CNC Controller Systems
FANUC Controller Systems

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FANUC develops cutting-edge CNC and motion control systems for a wide range of applications from basic high-volume, high-repetition commodity production to unique, highly complex, parts that require the highest precision and advanced machining techniques. 

  • Low Downtime

  • Separate CNC control & PC interface = easy upgrades

  • Easy to use interface

  • Easy to learn

  • 100+ GB Part Program Storage

  • Most CAD/CAM software can be installed on PC Interface

  • Choose Anderon MVP Simplified HMI User Interface for those who would rather not interact with machine codes

  • 25 year parts availability guarantee

  • 16 Supported Languages

Anderson America machines come standard with FANUC controller systems. 


FANUC CNC systems, drives, motors, I/O and connectivity combine to provide the best machine performance for applications ranging from the most simple and straightforward to the most complex.

FANUC controls provide the lowest total cost of ownership, low operating costs, high performance and a high resale value. As well as lifetime parts and maintenance support

How is reliability and value determined?

There are two ways this is measured using the acronyms (MTBF) and (MTTR). 

(MTBF) stands for Mean Time Between Failures, this measures how often equipment failure occurs. For example, the latest generation of FANUC Series 0i recorded 32 years MTBF, dramatically better than other competitors. FANUC controls have less downtime, produce more parts, and support downstream production more effectively. 

(MTTR) stands for Mean Time To Repair, this measures how quickly equipment can get back into production. FANUC uses comprehensive diagnostic and troubleshooting tools to ensure a low MTTR.  Anderson CNCs have an Ethernet port that can be used to remotely diagnose problems, allowing more problems to be solved over the phone or at least diagnose the problem so a tech is able to arrive on site with appropriate tools, and replacement parts. 


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