5/8" ER 32 Collet

5/8"  ER 32 Collet
5/8"  ER 32 Collet 5/8"  ER 32 Collet 5/8"  ER 32 Collet 5/8"  ER 32 Collet ER 32 Collet Drawing video
5/8" ER 32 Collet

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  • Shank Size: 5/8" 

  • Length: 40mm (1.57")

  • Diameter: 33mm (1.3")

  • Runout (T.I.R.) 0.0002"

  • Collapse Range: .586 – .625"

  • Type: ER 32

  • Also Known As: DR, RD, ESX, AR, & BR style





ER series collets are used with both HSK 63F and some ISO-30 toolholders. ER Collets are a higher angle than SYOZ or RDO Series collets and in our experience provide less holding power depending on the application. Ask us we may have an option to offer you a conversion to the SYOZ toolholder style. The size of the collet should match the shank size of the CNC router bit. Also sometimes known as DR, RD, ESX, AR, & BR style collets. 

To use: Snap collet into the nut before threading the nut onto the spindle or tool holder, then insert the router bit to the desired depth, hand-tighten, then torque to proper tightness ideally with a torque wrench. (Torque wrenches available upon request). 
For best performance, see related products and our video on how to maintain collets for more successful routing on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNoztJGebQw

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