3/4" SYOZ 25 Collet

3/4" SYOZ 25 Collet
3/4" SYOZ 25 Collet 3/4" SYOZ 25 Collet 3/4" SYOZ 25 Collet 3/4" SYOZ 25 Collet 3/4" SYOZ 25 Collet video
3/4" SYOZ 25 Collet

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  • Shank Size: 3/4"

  • Length: 52mm

  • Diameter: 35mm

  • Runout (T.I.R.) .0004"

  • Collapse range: 1/64"

  • Type: SYOZ 25

  • Also Known As: SYIC, EOC, ORT, RDO, & Perske style





SYOZ series collets are used with both HSK 63F and some ISO-30 tool holders. SYOZ Collets are a less vertical angle than ER Series collets and in our experience provide some more holding power. The shank size of the collet should match the shank size of the CNC router bit. This CNC Router Collet conforms to DIN 6388 standards. 

To use: Snap collet into the nut before threading the nut onto the spindle or toolholder, then insert the router bit to the desired depth, hand-tighten, then torque to proper tightness ideally with a torque wrench. (Torque Wrenches Available upon Request). 
For best performance, see related products and our video on how to maintain collets for more successful routing on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNoztJGebQw

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