Flexijet 3D Laser Templating System

Dealing with difficult measuring projects?

Tired of fumbling with tape measures, pencils, and paper? 

Incorrect measurements causing wasted time and product? 


Then Flexijet 3D may be the right solution for you. Flexijet 3D is a mobile and flexible measuring system, allowing you to measure CAD-Drawings accurately on-site.
It consists of a laser distance-measuring device, mounted on a motorized rotating device, and a professional 3D-Measuring-Software. 


Flexijet Demo

Simple, easy to use process:

  • Select the optimal location in the room
  • Switch it on and reference: aligning the stand is not required
  • Select one of the many marking points in CAD, e.g. Line, Curve or Spline
  • Move the laser manually or with the remote control to the target point
  • Initiate the measurement by touch sensor or with the remote controller
  • A 3-dimensional CAD drawing is generated



Flexijet Hardware

* Notebook / PC / tablet not included in delivery.

Who can use Flexijet?

Users can be found in many different sectors of planning, trade, series manufacturing and industries:

  • Kitchen work
  • Store, object and interior work
  • Architects and surveyors
  • Glass and storefront construction
  • Furniture makers and carpentersLaser Measuring Tool
  • Stone workers/masons
  • Metal work
  • Staircase construction
  • Evaluators
  • Booth/exhibition construction
  • Ship interior work
  • And many more…


This is just another way we can help you grow your business more profitably.

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